What is Cerumen Management and What Methods are Used?

What is cerumen?

Cerumen, commonly called ear wax, is produced in the outer 1/3 of the ear canal. 95% of the population maintains open ear canals by regularly showering and bathing and allowing the cerumen to naturally travel out of the ear. Some people however, due to an over production of cerumen, improper “Q-tip” usage, and other factors may require the cerumen to be removed by an audiologist.

What earwax removal methods are available?

The consistency of the wax determines the method used. Manual removal methods use specialized tools with loops that are affixed to a penlight and/or a tiny vacuum. Extremely impacted earwax or hardened earwax might require treatments using a softening solution. Cerumen management is a preventive maintenance procedure. The audiologist will work with the patient on routine ear care and set a quarterly schedule for cerumen removal and follow-up visits.