“I have worn hearing aids for the past 29 years. My hearing has progressively gotten worse over the years. This is my 4th set of hearing aids. And, wow what a difference! I feel like I have ‘normal hearing’ again! Riding all the way to Annapolis, I could hear my grandchildren talking to me in the back seat without having to look at them. Finally, I am able to converse in the car without getting car sick from turning my head to hear.

I think my best friend likes the aids the most because I no longer say ‘Huh?’ She noted this difference right away. Three very soft-spoken ladies from church were now audible, whereas before I had not a clue…You know, the pleasant nod. While organizing for an event, I was able to hear the grumbling of another volunteer from at least 6 feet behind me. With my new devices, I can set the TV volume far softer than my husband. It was absolutely worth the investment!”