Following guidelines of local, state and federal health officials, the CDC and the WHO, we have begun re-opening our hearing centers. However, the health of our patients, hearing care professionals and associates remains our top priority. For more information and a list of the locations that are open, click here.

Hearing Aids & Repair Services at Our Maryland Hearing Center

Based on your comprehensive hearing test results, our audiologists can help you find the right pair of hearing aids for your individual needs. We offer personal counseling that will help you and your family, decide which hearing aid technology is most appropriate for your lifestyle and budget.

Hearing Aid Brands

After a thorough assessment of YOUR hearing needs, our skilled audiologists will recommend the most appropriate hearing aid style, brand and level of technology for you. Because we are independently owned, our doctors are not limited to a single brand of hearing device like some franchised hearing centers. We are proud to offer quality hearing devices from Widex®, Oticon®, Phonak®, Lyric®, Unitron®, Starkey®, Siemens®, GN Resound® and others.Hearing Aids at Hearing Professionals

Hearing Aid Programming

No single hearing aid is appropriate for all patients; hearing aids are programmed with your unique listening prescription. When hearing aids are properly programmed, you are helping to maintain the integrity of the auditory nerve.

Computerized “Real-Ear Hearing Aid” Equipment

This computerized imaging test demonstrates the degree to which a patient’s hearing loss is being improved (for tonal hearing) when wearing hearing aids. This test confirms whether or not the current amplification prescription of our patient’s hearing aid is appropriate for the given hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Counseling & Follow-Up Appointments

Adapting to hearing aids may take some time and it is therefore very important to realize that the adaptation process will require an adjustment period. Hearing Professionals works with each individual patient to ensure that this adjustment period goes as smoothly as possible.

We offer personal counseling for you and your family to ensure that realistic expectations have been set for your hearing aids. Hearing loss can happen gradually and therefore rehabilitating your hearing can also take some time. It is very important to have patience when retraining your brain to hear. We want you to be satisfied and comfortable with your new hearing devices. To achieve this, we will schedule follow-up visits as often as necessary.

Hearing Aid Repair & Maintenance Services

Professionally cleaned and maintained hearing instruments provide better sound quality and have a longer life expectancy. Services should be performed on all hearing aids at regular intervals. The audiologist will recommend a maintenance schedule to follow based on the style and age of the hearing aid, as well as the personal and environmental characteristics of the wearer. Typically service is recommended every 4-6 months.

CIC, ITE or BTE – CIC (completely in the canal) and ITE (in the ear) hearing aids typically need more repairs due to wax and moisture problems. Hearing aids that are worn behind the ear (BTE) last longer. BTE hearing aids can be small, virtually invisible, comfortable and technologically sophisticated.

Schedule an Appointment at Our Maryland Hearing Aid Centers

Whether you need new hearing aids or need your current hearing aids repaired, the hearing specialists at Hearing Professionals can help. Please contact one of our local hearing centers serving Southern Maryland with locations in Charles County, St. Mary’s County, and Prince George’s County.