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Four Tips for Managing Vertigo Symptoms

Our Maryland hearing and balance specialists have put together the following list to help patients suffering from vertigo better manage their symptoms.

1. If you have trouble with your balance at night, be sure to keep a nightlight on or have easy access to lights before you begin to walk.

2. Keep a dizziness journal where you record descriptions of your sensations, how long they last, how frequently, general health and/or medication changes prior to, during, and after the event.

3. Chronic recurring BPPV can be treated using 800 IU of Vitamin D as part of a daily vitamin regime to aid in the absorption of the calcium carbonate crystals, which cause the dizzy sensation with movement. BPPV is 3 times more common in patients who regularly experience migraines, and twice as common in those with Meniere’s disease.

4. Weight training gives better long-term benefit to patients with balance problems than general balance therapy or Tai Chi.

Contact Our Maryland Vertigo Specialists

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